American Embroidery Supply Offers Super Strength Rayon Thread

1015AES_RASuperStrengthRayon_3With its bright lustrous sheen, Super Strength Rayon® is ideal for embroidering on a wide range of fabrics. Offered by American Embroidery Supply of Dallas, GA, it is smooth and easy running so you do not have to worry about constant thread breaks. It also is easy on equipment, reducing wear and tear that sometimes happens with coarser threads. It retains it sheen wash after wash.The thread is 120 denier two-ply 40 weight and fits an 11.75 size needle. It comes in solid and variegated colors. There are 450 licensed Pantone® shades available to match any client’s color specifications. The king-size spool holds 5,500 yards and the mini-king spool holds 1,000 yards.

All online orders are shipped the same or next business day. Detailed instructions on how to use many of the specialty stabilizers are available on the website.  MORE INFO