InkSoft Offers Big Idea Podcast On Multiple Shops With Jay Berman Of Visual Impressions 

In a new episode of The Big Idea Podcast series from InkSoft, Jay Berman, Visual Impressions, Milwaukee, Wis., provides a firsthand account of his company’s journey from a small garage shop to a contract decorating business with two facilities in different states. Be there

as he shares how he and his business partner Todd Richheimer refined and grew their dream and how their choices and strategies have made it thrive.

You’ll learn the reasons behind their decisions to focus on contract vs. retail work. Berman discusses the decision to open a second location and the approach that’s made success possible without using salespeople.

Topics range from the basics of running an efficient contract operation to training and the impact of company culture on sales and customer relations. Plus, you’ll find out about the rules the partners have in place to make it work, and what they’ve learned from experiences like buying their first automatic press.