World Emblem Partners With Bendshape Mask To Offer the Highest-Filtration Clear Face Mask

World Emblem International Inc. (World Emblem) is proud to partner with Bendshape Mask, LLC (BendShape Mask) to scale manufacturing of the Quartz ASTM3 Surgical Mask offering the highest bacteria filtration,

particle filtration, and surgical fluid resistance on a clear mask in the industry. Quartz ASTM3 is the industry’s first transparent, sealed surgical mask that meets the full ASTM level 3 standard. This standard is ideal for surgical procedures in which there is high risk of fluid (splashes or sprays), bacteria, and particle exposure.

What is unique about Quartz™ ASTM3 Disposable Surgical Mask is its transparency better enables communication between people receiving and giving healthcare (in hospitals, emergency rooms, doctor offices, dental offices), as well as professionals working in schools and occupations where both clear communication and advanced filtration is critical, from audiology and speech therapy, to factory workers, to teachers, to the deaf community.

“The large, clear window allows me to emotionally connect with patients and to communicate more effectively with colleagues while masked during procedures,” says Dr. Guido O. Sarnachiaro, DDS, who is part of the renowned SDNY dental team and teaches at New York University College of Dentistry.

The Quartz ASTM3 Mask has a bacterial filtration efficiency and a particulate filtration efficiency of over 98%. Its unique design combines a tight seal while maximizing breathability and reducing muffling of communication.

Quartz ASTM3 Mask is also the first transparent surgical mask to come in multiple sizes with an adjustable ear loop and head strap option increasing its comfort, fit and seal. And, it can be decorated with a company logo or artwork.

“Quartz was built by a team of U.S. material scientists, chemists, and textile engineers to lead the transparent mask market with the highest bi-directional filtration performance and the largest clear window in a sealed mask. We are proud to partner with a veteran manufacturer like World Emblem,” says BendShape Mask CEO Steven Sanders.

The Quartz ASTM3 Disposable Surgical Mask is available for preorder and will start shipping in April 2021. It is made of U.S. premium non-skin-irritating and non-sensitizing materials.

For more information about the BendShape™ brand, visit For select customers, BendShape can provide industry-first custom printing of logos or patterns.