Workhorse Offers Odyssey 6-Color/4-Station Manual Press

The Odyssey six-color, four-station manual press, manufactured in the United States by Workhorse Products, is available with some of the same quality features as the company’s automatic line.

The new design is more durable and feature rich while being kept at the same affordable price making it ideal for any startup operation on a budget.

One of the most significant improvements is the construction of the machine’s carousel.  The carousel is now manufactured with a high strength honeycomb design which is lighter and easier to index. The platen arms also come with additional support making them stronger with minimal deflection.

Registration was formerly achieved with a gate and nylon bolts. This has been replaced by a capture fork and bearings, the same system used on the company’s automatic presses. This new improvement is not only more dependable, but has been known to last the lifetime of the press when used on automatics.

As part of the improved micro registration, heavy-duty springs were added and are now located underneath the print head. Depending on if the press is going to be used for larger, oversized screens, or smaller specialty screens, the springs can be customized to the workload required.

Finally, the platens have been upgraded from standard wood to rubber-coated aluminum with a quick-release system for faster set-up times.

The maximum screen width is 23 inches and other features include adjustable off-contact, adjustable screen angle, large diameter registration points, and easy-load, quick-change pallets.