Workhorse Offers Accu-Stretch Screen Stretcher

Save money and regain control of your screen tension with the Accu-Stretch, a modular screen stretching system manufactured by Workhorse Products. By stretching your own screens, there’s no need to inventory

prestretched ones nor guess at what mesh counts you’ll be needing in the future so you can order in advance.

Accu-Stretch allows you to stretch screens as you need them and to ensure that the tension is where you want it. You also can produce screens that will print at higher, more uniform tensions increasing production speed and quality. 

This patented unit is made with self-equalizing stretch clamps that bring mesh to the desired tension time after time. Because you can apply the fabric directly from the bolt, you waste less fabric. The modular design allows you to adjust the Accu-Stretch to match any screen size, and it works with any type of stretch-and-glue frame.

The locking bars are coated with PVC to protect the mesh, and the brace bar prebows the frame for maximum, even tension. It also has infinite and independent warp and weft tension control to facilitate uniform tension.

The Accu-Stretch comes in nine sizes from 24” x 36” to 60” by 60”. Modular upgrades come in five sizes from 12” to 60”. Workhorse Products has distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Turkey, England, Belgium, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and China.