WearTheFund Bases Unique Selling Proposition

Sam Lewis, founder and CEO, WearTheFund, Fort Myers, Fla., knew back in business school what he wanted to do. Despite naysaying from his professors, his concept was to create a business that would help those in need.

On Giving Back To Others. For every dollar his for-profit screen printing operation brought in, he would donate a percentage of it to a 501c3 organization doing good.

Starting his business in 2012, he has proven all of his naysayers wrong by building a company that has not only thrived, but donated upwards of $225,000 to good causes. He’s also partnered with more than 100 nonprofits ranging from animal welfare to environmental protection to youth and education, to help them set up their own online stores to raise money.

With the help of InkSoft’s online stores and fundraising features, Lewis is now helping for-profit and nonprofits alike offer a wide range of wholesale custom merchandise that includes branded swag, special event apparel, uniforms, company gifts, and PPE.

To read more about Lewis and how he is harnessing the power of the Internet with web stores and online design software to grow his company, go to https://www.inksoft.com/customer-spotlight-wear-the-fund/.