Transfer Express Offers All About Numbers Free December 2018 Webinar

Decorating team uniforms for baseball, lacrosse, soccer or any other sport is a numbers game and the free December Transfer Express webinar can show you how to be a winner. The online class explores everything you need to know for success by the numbers.

You’ll learn how to determine where and when a number is needed and how to choose the best number size and style for various sports and types of uniforms. You’ll also get tips on figuring out what numbers you will need and the smartest way to buy them.

Other topics include selecting the best type of ink for numbering and organizing and storing extra numbers. You’ll even find out how to organize your uniforms and number them in as little as 4 seconds each—even using two colors.

Count on joining us Thursday, Dec. 13, from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., EST, for this interactive session. Register for “All About Numbers” and check out other Transfer Express educational webinars at