Transfer Express Offers New Stretch Litho Matte Custom Transfers

The latest innovation from Transfer Express is Stretch Litho™ Matte Transfers, a product that prints full-color designs with no limitations on detail. Graphics have a clean edge with no shine or tackiness

and become one with the garment producing a super soft hand.

Its low temperature application allows these transfers to be used on 100% polyester performance wear as well as cotton and cotton/polyester blends. Designers can take advantage of a digital CMYK palette to create artwork with high-opacity colors. Prints have a sharp edge with a thin, clear outline.

Offering great durability, Stretch Litho Matte transfers are printed in 11 1/4-inch by 14-inch sheets allowing you to fill up the area with as many designs as you like. There is a five-sheet minimum for Easy Prints, and a 10-sheet minimum for Easy Prints Plus. Take advantage of price breaks for larger quantities.