Transfer Express Offers 2019 Easy Prints Marketing Kit

Smart marketing is key to getting your T-shirt business off the ground quickly, and having the right tools makes a difference. The 2019 Easy Prints Marketing Kit from Transfer Express brings together everything you need

to start selling custom printed apparel in a handy, affordable package.

With T-shirt ideas, sample display transfers, an ink chart and more, this traveling office and showroom makes it easy to introduce customers to your offerings and takes the guesswork out of ordering.

There’s a full-color Easy Prints Idea Book, personalized with your company name, that’s packed with artwork/layouts that your customer can choose from and you can use to create personalized apparel. Plus, there’s a sample generic (black-and-white) Idea Book for giving out to customers and a coupon for $10 off your next Idea Book order.

The kit further includes 30 full-size transfers, as well as a T-shirt, to hone your heat-printing skills and create samples and displays potential buyers can see and feel on various products. It also has an Ink Color Selector that shows all the screen-printed stock inks you offer and makes accurate color choices easier.

In addition, you get a price guide, a window cling sign announcing that you print custom apparel and a wall chart with application instructions, as well as access to more than 5,000 customizable layout designs using the Easy View online designer.

The Easy Prints Marketing Kit is priced at $49. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and the kit can be returned for full credit within 30 days.