Top 3 Reasons why Hospitals Choose ChromaLuxe

Cleanability is central to a safety-first mindset when decorating commercial spaces including hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and other public spaces.

Choosing wall décor for its cleanability in addition to its vibrancy and durability can be a proactive action to help eliminate the spread of germs in addition to providing decorative artwork in public spaces.   

Here are the top 3 reasons why hospitals choose ChromaLuxe:

1) Resistant to Bacteria, Liquids & Pathogens

ChromaLuxe products have a unique dye-sublimation coating that contains no open pores and is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, liquids, and pathogens, so the surface doesn’t trap contaminants. This means germs won’t stay on the surface.  

2) Use Any All Purpose Cleaner

Cleaning and disinfecting ChromaLuxe prints is as simple as using any all purpose cleaner with a clean, lint-free cloth.  You don’t have to change cleaners or cleaning material as you go through the building. 

3) Premium Image Quality & Fade- Resistant to Disinfectants

Disinfectants can be sprayed on ChromaLuxe surfaces without damaging them or fading the colors, making them easier for customers to clean and maintain over time.   

Vibrant images plus an easy-to-clean substrate make ChromaLuxe the premium choice for hospitals and healthcare facilities. For more information on cleaning ChromaLuxe products,click here.