Stahl’s Offers CAD-CUT® Glaze Video

416Stahls TV Cad-Cut Glaze Video SampleIf you’re looking for a way to expand your creativity and sales with fresh new effects, a video from Stahls’ TV can put you on the fast track with a brief introduction to Stahls’ CAD-CUT® Glaze and its applications.  Join Stahls’ TV presenter Courtney Kubitza as she shows how this innovative heat transfer film can put a new twist on old favorites and open the door to a realm of nontraditional designs. You’ll learn about CAD-CUT® Glaze’s unique ability to impart a soft, metallic finish that changes colors based on the color of the garment it’s applied to and see some of the many ways it can give graphics a whole new dimension.

You’ll discover how to create tone-on-tone prints; subtle shifting colors on white or light apparel; and big, bold graphics on darks that have high impact while remaining soft and wearable. The video also reveals the brand-new approach CAD-CUT® Glaze affords for decorating garments with sublimated patterns, providing unique visual effects by changing the shade of the print area, without bleed-through issues.

You’ll see for yourself the potential of this revolutionary material with its soft hand, low application temperature and out-of-the-ordinary visual effects in applications from fashionwear to performance garments. View the video at