Stahls’ Offers 15 Percent Off 20-Inch CAD-COLOR® SuperTEK™ Clear Through May 2016

416Stahls' SuperTEK Matte ClearDuring the month of May, Stahls’ is offering a 15 percent discount on 20-inch CAD-COLOR® SuperTEK™ Clear matte and gloss heat transfer materials. You can save money and either experiment or stock up on this lightweight, soft and stretchable transparent printable material.

Featuring STiX²™ adhesive, SuperTEK™ Clear lets background colors and textures show through, making prints look like part of the garment. A frosted carrier makes cut lines easy-to-see, and no mask is necessary.

Coupled with a low application temperature, it’s an ideal choice for use on performance materials like spandex and nylon (white or light colors only). SuperTEK™ Clear is available in 1-, 5-, 10- and 25-yard rolls.

Stahls’ also is offering free ground freight on Hotronix® heat presses, excluding Air models, in the continental United States.

Hotronix Dual Air Fusion or Air Fusion purchasers will receive $150 worth of free product—letters, numbers, Any Word. Any Way., and more. Order must be called in to receive free product.  MORE INFO