Ryonet Releases New Book Focusing On Business Aspects of Screen Printing

The average screen print shop owner does not start his own company because he loves writing a business plan, marketing and crunching numbers. Most newcomers are attracted to this industry because they love creating artwork or the process of screen printing itself.Unfortunately, running a profitable screen printing operation also requires business skills and this has been the downfall of one too many ventures. For this reason, Ryan Moor, CEO, Ryonet, has written a new book entitled “Made To Make It, A Guide To Screen Printing Success.”

The 164-page book is comprised of 36 chapters that cover all the business basics of running a profitable enterprise. It starts off with helping you identify important issues such as what type of company you want to be and who will be on your team. These chapters allow you to figure out a basic structure and create systems that will get you started off on the right foot.

From there it covers topics such as budgeting, marketing, pricing, hiring, establishing credit and financing in clearly written, easy-to-understand language that is specifically geared to a screen printing operation.

The book is available in print at https://www.screenprinting.com/made-to-make-it-book-signed-copy. In the future, it also will be available on Amazon and as a Kindle book.  MORE INFO