Ryonet Offers New Hook Handle Goop Scoop Ink Tool

516Ryonet Goop Scoop 2MBWhether you’re mixing or moving ink, applying it to the screen or cleaning it from the sides and bottom of the bucket, the Goop Scoop from Ryonet of Vancouver, WA,  is the tool to reach for. This handy 10-inch multifunction utensil is made of green, solvent-resistant, non-rusting polyethylene.The handle transitions smoothly into the blade for easy use, wipe down and cleanup. A handle hook allows the scoop to be secured on the bucket lip so it will not slide down into the ink. Let this all-in-one go-to tool do the dirty work while keeping your hands clean and ink where it belongs. Check it out at http://www.screenprinting.com/ink-goop-scoop-10http://www.screenprinting.com/ryonet-ink-goop-scoop-10 .

View a fun video of this new product at https://youtu.be/jIsDerSiL2c .  MORE INFO