The PAS Store Offers T-Lock Multi-Purpose Platen Kit For Brother DTG Printers

Add to your substrate/product capabilities and expand your printing opportunities with the T-Lock Multi-Purpose Platen Kit available from The PAS Store. This specialty platen enables Brother DTG GT Series users to print on garments and other items that are difficult to address with the standard adult platen.Simply insert one of nine platen inserts that come with the kit into the T-Lock Base to facilitate printing youth and infantwear, sleeves, squares and more. A platen insert also is included for printing zippers and polos.

Optional T-Lock accessories are available separately for cap, oversize, wraparound and shoulder applications, and GT users can create custom platen inserts to match their specific needs. The T-Lock Base is designed for easy platen insertion and removal and unique T-Lock Brackets allow for quick changeovers.

The T-Lock Platen Kit will work on the GT-541, GT-782 and GT-3 printers. To learn more, go to and see a video on how the product works at