NameBadges International Offers Kids’ Tie Dye Antimicrobial Spacer Face Masks

Back-to-school season is here, and masks are being mandated in many regions. Be prepared for demand with the MaskFast MF7 Kids’ Tie Dye Antimicrobial Spacer Face Mask, from NameBadges International.

While not designed for use in surgical or healthcare situations, it offers more protection than untreated cloth masks.

This versatile mask is available in three bright tie dye patterns: pastel, rainbow and fluorescent. Made of 90% polyester/10% Spandex REV 4, it is treated with Ultra-Fresh, a highly effective, broad-spectrum, antimicrobial aqueous treatment that keeps the fabric fresh and 99% free of bacteria for up to at least 50 domestic washing cycles.

The entire front of the mask is printable with a logo or name inside a 2.5-inch square area. It features a comfortable design that is breathable and can be re-used if hand washed. There is no minimum, but discounts are available for higher quantities. This mask is available blank or custom decorated.