MHM Offers Oval Automatic Screen Printing Press

The MHM iQ-Oval incorporates a host of innovations designed to bring speed, performance, flexibility, and safety in textile screen printing to another level. One of these innovations is the new iDS Intelligent Drive System, which features a small drive motor on each pallet arm that allows independent operation of each arm as well as smooth motion in both directions and single, double or triple indexing.

Besides making the iQ one of the fastest oval automatics, this unique system boosts reliability and operator safety by making non-issues of problems such as stretched belts or loose chains that would cause registration in accuracy. Maximum safety is achieved because if an obstacle is sensed, the independent drive motors stop immediately.

Individual registration blocks on each pallet arm ensure optimal registration. In addition to a user-friendly M-Touch Pro tablet/pad main command unit control and full WIFI capability for instant and real-time technical support, every station has a digital control keypad for primary printing functions.

The iQ-Oval’s modular design allows for a wide variety of configurations to meet changing job needs easily and economically by increasing the number of stations and colors from a minimum of 10 stations/4 colors up to 60 pallets. The iQ also is designed to conserve space by permitting loading and unloading from each end of the press.

Other features include: individual print head lift for easy accessibility to the screen and squeegee/flood bar; a squeegee/print arm high lift that provides a load/unload station; no-clamp quick-load/release squeegees; instant pallet lock/unlock at the touch of a button; adjustable screen holders; and front and rear off-contact adjustment on every print head. MORE INFO