MHM iQ-Oval Intelligent Drive System Makes Printing Faster and Safer  

415Hirsch MHM Intelligent Drive SystemOne of the most significant innovations in the world of screen printing is the MHM iDS Intelligent Drive System, available from Hirsch International of Huntersville, NC. Offered only on the MHM iQ-Oval, this system differs dramatically from traditional automatics. Instead of a single motor that turns the carousel of all print heads, the iDS features a small drive motor on each pallet arm that allows for independent operation as well as smooth motion in both directions. Individual step motors mean that less energy is used, and there is no danger of a moving platen injuring someone who gets in the way. The platen can be stopped with the touch of a hand eliminating the need for safety barriers. This makes the entire print head more accessible for routine tasks and adjustments.

Another distinct advantage is less downtime. When the motor goes out on a traditional automatic, all production is stopped until the motor is repaired. With the iDS, the print head can be removed in 30 seconds and production resumed immediately.

The iDS is a modular system that allows for additional print heads and/or stations to be added as needed. Each print head also has its own controls for adjusting the squeegee pressure, off contact, and pin registration. The iDS also allows for single, double or triple indexing. Production rates vary depending on size of design, however more than 1,000 shirts an hour is easily attainable.  MORE INFO