LaserSketch introduces new Wood Thins

1214LaserSketchVeneer5 LaserSketch of Romeoville, IL, has introduced new Domestic and Exotic Wood Thins, (Veneers), with 3M-PSA, (Peel and Stick) on the reverse side. There are 8 different types of wood (Maple, Mahogany, Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Teak, Bamboo Natural, Bamboo Caramel) on the web site in 12″ x 24″ x 0.024″ sheets.
They also offer two different sample kits with 50 different domestic and exotic wood samples to get started with. The wood veneers are all manufactured in the USA. Splice seam lines are virtually imperceptible. The use of thin veneers in the laser engraving industry is limited only by your imagination.
LaserSketch has worked with large Chicagoland architecture firms over the years, who have requested wood thins to make their scale models with. They now use LaserSketch’s new Liquid Fusion Printer to print the windows and doors for their models directly on the wood before laser cutting the model pieces out.  MORE INFO