Johnson Plastics Adds FusionCast’s Cast Signage and Signbuilder Wizard

jprowmarklogo-improved-216Johnson Plastics of Minneapolis, MN, has added FusionCast’s™ Cast Signage & Signbuilder Wizard to its extensive line of products and services.

With FusionCasts’ Signbuilder Wizard, Johnson Plastics can help customers create durable and distinctive metal-cast signs, using a revolutionary process that fuses metal with lightweight high-density urethane, resulting in elegant signage with exceptional durability.

The online Signbuilder Wizard tool offers nine styles of customizable signs to choose from, in bronze or copper, with 10 sizes available per style. Customers can fine-tune their creations by choosing from over 20 symbols and seven font choices.

Customers may also submit their customized sign requirements online, and will be contacted by one of Johnson Plastics’ knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives to process orders to their exact specifications.

FusionCasts’ patented cold-casting process uses less metal and less energy than other metal-cast signs and eliminates toxic air emissions, making it an economic, eco-friendly choice.  MORE INFO