InkSoft Updates Website To Better Communicate Software Benefits

InkSoft recently redesigned to better communicate the platform’s capabilities as a tool for growing garment decorators’ sales. The new design features a bold welcome on the home page, followed by visual examples of features and benefits. Then, a new Features page has been added offering a comprehensive look at what’s available within the platform.InkSoft has long been known for its robust features, such as the order manager, Design Studio, quoting and invoicing tools, and online stores. While the former design focused heavily on these, with the redesign, visitors can take a second step toward better understanding how these features will specifically profit their shop.

Going beyond just words and screen shots, the new design is more streamlined and easier to read, while incorporating strong visual and video elements for better communication.

With the addition of Marshall Atkinson, InkSoft Production Manager Software – Manager, the blog is now supplemented with a regular Saturday post from him on topics ranging from business to marketing to improving your screen printing operation.

The redesign also features more intuitive navigation. This means clearer button placement, the separate Features page for easy browsing, and an easier subscription process to sign up for updates from the InkSoft blog. The blue bar at the top also holds the latest InkSoft news for at-a-glance updates.

InkSoft will continue to build out the website to reflect the regular enhancements and new features available in the InkSoft platform.  MORE INFO