InkSoft Offers Tips for Fundraising Stores

The latest InkSoft blog highlights four simple ways an InkSoft fundraising store can enable your customers to support worthwhile causes year-round. Following the best practices outlined in the blog, apparel decorators can offer a free service that raises funds for schools, sports teams, and nonprofit organizations while allowing apparel decorators to turn a profit as well. An online web store is one of the most efficient and hassle-free methods of accomplishing these goals.

Fundraising store tips from the InkSoft blog include:

  • Urge clients to choose a cause they truly care about and are willing to promote.
  • Ask the client to add the fundraising store to their website, social media and email marketing efforts.
  • Follow up with your client regularly to check progress toward the fundraising goal and provide advice as needed.
  • Promote your own company on the fundraising store.

To learn more, see InkSoft’s fundraising store demo:  MORE INFO