InkSoft Offers Printer’s Guide to Flash Sales

1116inksoft-blog-flash-sales-worth-the-riskA new blog from InkSoft of Albuquerque, NM, looks at flash sales—limited-time promotions offering exceptional savings—from a printer’s standpoint. “A Printer’s Guide to Flash Sales” discusses their risks and rewards and what it takes to make them successful.From how to identify and establish goals to developing short-term promotions that target a particular audience, such as new customers, while not causing friction with another, e.g. existing accounts, the blog provides a concise, comprehensive primer on online, apparel industry flash sales. You’ll learn about timing flash sales and their marketing, analyzing the ways these promos can benefit your business and different types of deals you can offer beyond simple discounts.

The blog also includes advice on avoiding common pitfalls in areas like estimating inventory, addressing merchandise shortfalls and more. From presale research to post-sale results analysis, this free resource offers guidelines for planning effective, profitable flash sales that boost sales without eroding profits.

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