InkSoft Offers Article On Making Key Performance Indicators Work with SMART Goals

Understanding key performance indicators and how to use them to create SMART goals can go a long way toward making changes that will help your business operate more effectively. A new article by Marshall Atkinson, Production Manager Software – Manager, InkSoft, explains how the concept works for apparel decorators.

You’ll find out what to track, what data to collect and how to measure it to see your company’s “big picture”—and what you can do to make it better going forward. You’ll get suggestions to help you determine what matters most and practical tips for gathering information.

Then you’ll learn how to use that info to create Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely (SMART) goals at each level and for each task involved to achieve your overall goal.

Atkinson also discusses identifying factors that can influence your success and putting this knowledge to work. From breaking down goals and assigning ownership to evaluation and redesign, you’ll see how to take the guesswork out of planning. Get the full story at