InkSoft Blog Explores Taking Your Business To The Next Level

A new InkSoft blog by industry veteran Marshall Atkinson delves into how to raise the bar and start taking your apparel decorating business to the next level.  There’s no “secret” to getting bigger and better. The formula for moving on up boils down to using common sense, an open mind and honest effort to make better decisions as you progress on your industry journey.

Knowing how to scale your business correctly is key to transforming decent sales into growth. This enlightening blog explores the concept of “breaking points” in a company’s size and their impact on areas from hiring, policies and communication to production, personnel, marketing and more. You’ll learn about the challenges of operating on a higher level and how to meet them with effective leadership. Plus, you’ll see how to use your business’s numbers and customer feedback to build a company culture and infrastructure to shape a more successful future.

To find out how to move your business forward, check out “Raise the Bar – Taking Your Business to the Next Level” at