InkSoft and GraphicsFlow Appoint Michael Wolf to Chief User Experience Officer

As of August 1, 2021, sister companies InkSoft and GraphicsFlow have promoted Michael Wolf to chief user experience officer (CUXO).

As CUXO, Wolf will be responsible for curating and maintaining a holistic user experience for InkSoft and GraphicsFlow, ensuring products are seamless to adopt, intuitive and persistently operating at the highest level of the user satisfaction scale. 

With seven years of in-company experience already under his belt, Wolf brings a wealth of brand and technical insight to the role. First hired by InkSoft as a front end developer and UI designer in 2014, he advanced into UX designer and then director of product development. For the new CUXO role, he was a natural choice.

“Wolf is a seasoned professional with a strong track record in building world-class solutions,” said Scott Allen, CEO, InkSoft. “His UX focus will accelerate our promise to provide a consistent, intuitive and powerful user experience across the InkSoft and GraphicsFlow platforms.”  

For the customers who’ve come to associate InkSoft and GraphicsFlow with their distinct user-friendliness, this promotion is welcome news. “Over the years, we’ve frequently heard that our products’ usability is a great part of their impact. That usability is directly due to Wolf’s work,” co-founder and president of InkSoft, JP Hunt explained. “We’re thrilled about this role and the value it will continue to bring to our customers and teams.”

That excitement is matched by Wolf. With his background in development, user experience design and product management; he’s confident that his uniquely broad skill set will set him up to tackle new demands.

“The opportunity to work closely with customers and witness our products and services’ impact in real-time will provide invaluable perspective,” said Wolf. “Productive customers are happy customers. I can’t wait to dig into the entire customer experience to hone in on what’s working and what’s not.”

Wolf’s team shares in that anticipation, eager to garner as much customer data as possible to fuel their decisions and ultimately move their outcomes, and the company forward as a whole.