Hotronix Offers New Power Platen

The new Hotronix® Power Platen™ is designed to reduce the risk of scorching heat-sensitive substrates when heat printing. The specialty lower platen heats garments from underneath lessening the need for high heat

from the upper platen. It features a built-in heat printing pillow enabling it to conform to any printing surface and press over irregularities such as buttons and seams. Plus, it is fully threadable when used with a Heat Press Caddie.

The Power Platen is compatible with 16-inch by 20-inch Hotronix Auto Clam, MAXX® Clam and Air Fusion IQ™ heat presses. The Power Platen comes in 6-inch by 6-inch, 6-inch by 20-inch, 16-inch by 20-inch and 22-inch by 15-inch sizes. The required Power Platen Controller is sold separately and works with all four sizes.

Platens can be purchased in one or more sizes or as a complete set including the controller for versatility and savings.