Hirsch Solutions Offers BAS-342 Industrial Sewing Machine

New from Hirsch Solutions of Huntersville, NC, is the Brother BAS-342 industrial sewing machine with Vision camera system. The Vision Sewing System benefits any production environment, eliminating manual sewing on all sizes and shapes of patches or precut appliqués. The electronically controlled Brother BAS-342 allows faster, easier production on uniforms, athletic apparel, home décor and more.

The Vision Sewing System includes a built-in digital camera to capture the image of emblem or patch placement on the fabric base. The system automatically scans the outline and generates a stitch pattern based on preset specifications (stitch type, length, width, oversew and offset patterns). No manual digitizing is required.

Any size sewing operation gains a competitive advantage with the Brother BAS-342 from Hirsch Solutions. Eliminate predigitizing, sew more shapes and sizes, and boost production consistency. Machine specifications include electronic programmable lockstitch sewing, single needle, maximum 2,600 SPM sewing speed, generous sewing field, thread break detection and Vision Camera System.  MORE INFO