Hirsch Offers Tajima DG15 by Pulse Maestro Multimedia

From enhancing your creative capabilities to optimizing cost-effectiveness and productivity, Tajima DG15 by Pulse Maestro Multimedia from Hirsch Solutions enables you to do more with your embroidery designs. The Maestro Multimedia level is the best and most comprehensive digitizing software available today. It includes an expanded and refined range of tools and stitch types to make your designs stand out, while maximizing the efficiency of your machine.

Recent updates include an improved Font Creator and a new Monogram Wizard for creating monograms with an easy template approach. A variety of specialty stitches and fills also have been added and DG15’s 170+ fonts enable you to create unique designs and textures. New stitch types and fills include: fur stich, E-stitch, cascade, wave, radial, fractal, spiral and revolving complex fill patterns.

Additional advancements include custom cornering, variable density, the complex fill modifier and variable stitch length. Maestro Multimedia also provides the ability to easily shape artwork and fix gaps, as well as advanced pull compensation settings. Advanced automated features are included in DG15 Maestro Multimedia such as auto sequencing for optimizing sewing order based on user-defined criteria and auto start/stop to improve efficiency.

Maestro Multimedia includes the ability to create artistic chenille and sequin designs. These complementary media types enable you to expand the reach of your business into new profitable markets, and can greatly increase the perceived value of your products. As an upgradable option, it can also be used to create rhinestone and laser appliqué designs.

DG15 also provides access to PulseCloud, which enables you to store and edit up to 100,000 designs online and to monitor your machines from any mobile device.  MORE INFO