Hirsch Offers PulseID Connect Management And Workflow System For DTG

1215PulseIDConnectGarmentSetupEditPulseID Connect, offered by Hirsch of Huntersville, NC, is a new order management and workflow system developed specifically for digital direct-to-garment businesses. It provides a standardized communication platform between fulfillment centers and those submitting orders.

It includes a complete automated workflow module to ensure print quality, consistency and efficiency, from ordering through shipping. The system also generates real-time production statistics and reports to enable productivity tracking and facilitate planning.

Production-ready files are generated directly from order data and supplied images and then sent to the printer using barcode technology. The printer configuration for the specific design and garment, including proper image placement information is transmitted to the machine at the operator’s request.

Barcodes also track order status through production and shipping for error-free automated workflow and order management. The system further provides the ability to print production labels, including physical location, for easy garment picking, automated order retrieval and more. Upon order completion, it prints a customer shipping label.

PulseID Connect enables cooperation with customers anywhere, anytime, via an online-based Web portal. This enables users to submit, preview and approve orders, as well as check their status from any modern Web browser.

PulseID Connect also provides product database management and allows for setting images to automatically scale to fit predefined printable locations based on garment size, color etc. It also includes the ability to create templates that can be personalized during ordering with variable data using an optional vector engine personalization mode.

The PulseID Application Program Interface can be integrated into an existing ordering system or website, storing the data in a standardized, nonencrypted XML format.  MORE INFO