GSG Offers New Hoop Tech Koozie Clamp

The new Hoop Tech Koozie Clamp, offered by GSG, is the fastest, easiest way to hoop and embroider on any type of can insulator including foam-back polyester, Neoprene or collapsible fabric. This flat window clamp can be rail mounted onto any popular brand of embroidery machine including ZSK, Tajima, Barudan, Happy, SWF, Melco, and Meistergram, among others.

This versatile clamp comes with a bracket that mounts directly to the machine drive bar the same way as a cap driver. Machine-specific adaptors bolt to the clamp body and are used to attach and adjust the clamp to fit your embroidery machine.

The sewing area measures 2.75 inches by 3 inches. Made of stainless steel, it does not leave hoop burn. MORE INFO