GSG Offers GlitterFlex® Printable™ Heat Applied Film

216GSG Glitterflex PrintableGlitterFlex® Printable™ heat applied film, available from GSG of Dallas, TX, is formulated with real polyester holographic glitter particles to provide high-quality prints with a shimmering glitter finish. It is designed for use with all solvent/eco-solvent inks and also can be used sublimation inks.GlitterFlex® Printable™ applies at 300 to 335 degrees F and can be used on cotton, fabric blends, linen, wool and uncoated polyester. It is not intended for use on nylon and should be tested before application to dazzle cloth and shiny polyester.

GlitterFlex®-embellished garments are recommended to be washed inside-out, cool, and tumble dried. GlitterFlex® Printable™ film is available in light gold, silver, white opaque rainbow and white (slightly translucent if applied to black or dark fabric). It comes in 19.5 inch roll width.

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