Gemini Custom Cast Plaques Available in as Few as 8 Days

116GEMPlaquePRGemini cast plaques are produced with the highest quality and everlasting elegance in its plaque foundry located in Decorah, Iowa. With reliable, environmentally friendly equipment, efficient processes and custom capabilities, Gemini cast plaques are available on average in 8 to 12 days, in comparison to the industry norm of 6 to 8 weeks. More complex projects are available in just 2 to 3 weeks.Gemini’s plaque foundry is designed to operate efficiently with backup redundancies designed into the production process, from its induction furnaces and equipment to its sand molding processes. The foundry also features a large bead blast room within the foundry facility to accommodate the finishing of large plaques in an indoor, controlled environment, contrasting with the common industry practice of bead blasting outdoors.

Gemini also has a cast dimensional letter foundry located next door to its plaque foundry, which allows for complete backup when needed. All of these operations ensure minimal to virtually zero downtime in case of equipment failure or other extraneous environmental circumstances.

Additionally, Gemini has invested in skilled foundry workers who have an average tenure of greater than 20 years within the company. Gemini also employs a full-time sculptor to integrate complicated dimensional designs and bas relief artfully, often only starting with nothing but the customer’s photograph.

“Our cast plaques are cast to meet our customers’ diverse architectural signage needs, providing flexibility in custom design while maintaining superior quality,” said Kevin Weselmann, Decorah Plaque Foundry Plant Manager, Gemini. “Our commitment to quality, combined with efficient production processes, results in exceptionally fast lead time over the industry standard, allowing us to provide incomparable customer service to our authorized resellers.”

To accommodate diverse signage applications, Gemini cast plaques are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and custom capabilities, including:

  • Multiple finishes from brushed, oxidized, painted, patina, polished and more
  • Optional borders, such as no border, beveled edges, single line or double line with bevel
  • Navy “G”, sustainable, lead-free ingot for outstanding corrosion resistance even in harsh marine environments
  • Photo image transformation into plaque products through bas relief, flat relief, Photorelief™ and direct cast.  MORE INFO