Epilog Laser Unveils eView™ Camera Module for Fusion M2

315Epilog-eviewEpilog Laser, the leading designer and manufacturer of CO2 and fiber laser engraving and cutting systems based in Golden, CO, is excited to release the new eView Camera Module for the Fusion M2 Laser. The eView Camera Module is the simplest, most intuitive, and most precise tool for cutting pre-printed/processed graphics on acrylic, wood, cardboard, paper, fabric applique, and more.“The eView makes cutting printed graphics incredibly easy and produces exceptionally precise results from anywhere on the table,” said Mike Dean, vice president of sales and marketing for Epilog Laser. “There’s no need to line up your graphics to the top-left corner of the machine, or even to align it to the x and y-axes,” he explained. “Users simply add registration marks to their graphic and the cameras detect exactly where to cut.”

After users have placed their graphics on the table, Epilog’s Job Manager shows a real-time photo representation of the laser table with the printed graphic and its true position on the table. From the Job Manager, operators click the registration marks they want to use, and the eView Camera software does the rest.

“What really sets the eView apart is its three-camera design,” Dean said. “Other single-view camera systems must be programmed manually to locate registration marks,” he explained, “but the eView system ‘sees’ the registration marks, locates their precise position and feeds your exact project layout back to your computer screen before cutting.”  MORE INFO