Digital Art Solutions introduces Mask Builder

Mask Builder is the industry’s first custom face mask design kit. With Mask Builder, you’ll get all the tools needed to make production-ready custom face mask designs. Face Masks are this year’s biggest sales opportunity.

Make sure you’re not losing out to the competition by securing industry-best capabilities like Mask Builder! Create custom mask designs quickly, easily, & with a whole lot of wow-worthy flair.

Mask Builder is your complete design toolbox. The industry’s first custom design kit for face masks, it empowers you to produce production-ready, entirely custom face mask designs quickly — and with the confidence that they’re hitting the quality mark every time.

What you get with Mask Builder

With 144 vector face mask designs, 24 vector mascots, and 24 killer fonts, every one of your customers will find something that speaks to them. And that means every one of their end-consumers will have the opportunity to buy a mask that they love — a mask that represents their team, their school, or their community in a real, visually-appealing way.

3 Ways to Get Started with Mask Builder

Face masks aren’t just a passing fad. Consumers near and far are deeming them crucial elements of their attire — which means they’re set to be this year’s biggest sales opportunity. With all of the demand set up for the taking, all you have to do is stand out from the competition. Mask Builder has what it takes to help you get there. From its killer templates to its pitching potential to its speedy results, this is the design tool of your dreams.