Cotswold Offers Premium Soft Tearaway Stabilizers

Soft tearaway is ideal for a range of jobs where it’s important for the stabilizer to have a soft feel or there’s a need to maximize productivity. Cotswold soft tearaway is smoother, feels more gentle against the skin, and drapes better than its firm tearaway. Once perforated by a needle, it can be torn off quickly and is often used instead of a cutaway to speed up production.

Cotswold offers two weights of soft tearaway that is made using the wet-laid nondirectional process that ensures a multidirectionally stable foundation that will not stretch or distort before, during, or after sewing.

Cotswold 1.5-ounce premium soft tearaway (305S) is ideal for almost any type of fabric and stitch counts up to 8,000 stitches. The 1.8-ounce soft tearaway (308S) will support stitch counts ranging from 12,000 to 15,000.

Both stabilizers contain polyester whose longer fibers ensure tight registration. They also contain silicone to aid in needle glide, which helps minimize needle and thread breaks. One layer is sufficient for nearly all uses.

Cotswold has eliminated formaldehyde and started using a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled fibers in the manufacturing process making this tearaway more environmentally friendly than traditional tearaways.

Soft tearaway comes in white. It comes in sheets and rolls in a variety of the most popular lengths and widths. For a minimum order, the company will slit rolls to your required dimensions.