Cotswold Offers 2.0-Ounce Premium Cutaway

Cotswold 2.0-ounce premium cutaway, #720, offers optimal stability because it is a soft, dense, nondirectional nonwoven. One layer is all you need to match the stitch count and density with the weight and stretch of your material. The 2.0-ounce weight is recommended for approximately 20,000 stitches in a moderately dense design. It’s also idea for support of delicate fabrics.

This cutaway is made of 60% polyester/40% rayon using a wet-laid process, which ensures that the embroidery holds its shape for the life of the garment. It helps achieve the “tambourine skin” tension in the hoop that is necessary for proper registration. The single layer also helps reduce bulk.

This stabilizer is made of a significant percentage of post-consumer recycled polyester fibers and a sustainable cellulose source making it environmentally friendly.  MORE INFO