Condé Introduces Sublimatable Dog Collar Scarves

Condé Systems has added dog collar scarves to its DyeTrans® family of sublimatable pet products.

The scarves, available in small (6.94″x4.125″x4.125″), medium (9.13″x5.5″x5.5″), large (12″x7.3″x7.3″), and extra large (14.5″x9″x9″) sizes, include an adjustable black collar that fits through an opening at the top of the fabric.

Using standard dye-sub equipment, the triangle-shaped, 100% spun polyester scarves can be easily decorated with vibrant, full-color photographs and designs to create highly personalized wearables suitable for any dog’s unique personality – whether it’s playful designs for pet lovers or brand awareness designs promoting animal rights organizations, pet groomers, and retail pet stores.

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