Condé Introduces Reveal-S™ Sublimation Transfer Media for Cotton

416CondeRevealSmediaCondé Systems of Mobile, AL, has introduced Reveal-S: an innovative self-weeding sublimation transfer film from Vivid Chemical that allows sublimators to decorate light colored cotton or blended fabrics using almost any ink jet sublimation printer. A true technology breakthrough, Reveal-S media’s patent pending smart polymer coating selectively releases bold color from areas on the film where a medium to high density of ink is present.

Once heat activated, sublimation inks printed onto Reveal-S media chemically combine with the film’s smart coating polymer network and then adhere to the garment. Areas of the smart coating with no sublimation ink stay on the Reveal-S film and do not transfer to the garment, making Reveal-S the first self-weeding ink jet sublimation-to-cotton product.

No physical trimming of your design from the film is required. Unlike sublimating to polyester which actually dyes the fabric, Reveal S makes sublimating to cotton a surface decorating technology similar to screen printing or DTG printing. Reveal-S film is for clip art, line art, and vector art designs only and is not suitable for photographic reproduction. Light colors will not activate the smart polymer coating on the film and should be replaced with colors providing a higher density of ink.

To aid in the selection of colors, a special Reveal-S color chart can be downloaded from To view an informative video on this product, visit Call 800-826-6332 or visit for additional information and pricing.  MORE INFO