Coastal Business Supplies Offers New Knitted Polyester Throw With Tubular Stitch

616Coastal Dye Sub Knitted Polyester ThrowA new American-made sublimatable soft throw blanket, available from Coastal Business Supplies of Maryland Hts., MO, is a great product for showcasing and personalizing your designs or offering customers the opportunity to display their own.The 40-inch by 60-inch plush throw provides a perfect fabric base for accurate and vibrant image and photo printing with the hand and durability sublimation is known for. Made of off-white/ivory 100 percent polyester, the knitted blanket features tubular stitch construction and is tightly woven to support optimum image fidelity and true photographic reproduction.

Blankets can be purchased individually, with quantity pricing for 10 or more. From gifts to unique family albums, they have great profit potential no matter what your market. MORE INFO