ASI Unveils New Data Dashboard In ESP Orders

The Advertising Specialty Institute® today announced the launch of a new Orders Dashboard for distributors in ESP®, the industry’s number-one business platform, which displays the distributor’s ordering trends and information under a single tab.

ASI’s ESP Orders is a total order management system that allows distributors to create sales orders, purchase orders and invoices electronically without rekeying any data. It’s synced with the e-commerce-enabled ESP platform, which contains nearly 1 million products and integrates with ASI SmartBooks®, ProfitMaker® and Intuit QuickBooks. Distributors report using ESP Orders reduces processing time by 73% and suppliers say it results in significant improvement in order accuracy.

Below are the key features available in the new dashboard:

  • Top sellers. View top-selling products and categories by product name, number sold, dollar-amount sold and average margin.
  • Performance metrics. Track your company website’s performance by orders, total sales, average margin, last order date and see how many orders were placed via ESP Websites™ and Company Stores.
  • History. View your order info for the past month, week and year. The yearly summary compares the current year with the prior one, so distributors can see their company’s performance at a glance.
  • Open tasks. Lists tasks assigned by users and delegated to others, sortable by due or in-hands date. Clicking the “view all” button opens the tasks area of CRM.
  • Orders by status. Sort by how many of your current orders are within a specific status, as well as what percentage of all current orders are within that status.
  • Top five filtering. Filter orders by your top five customers, suppliers and salespeople with the highest sales within the selected time frame.
  • Top category sales. Displays types of items you’ve sold the most of within a selected time frame, sortable by total or count.
  • “ASI is always looking to provide streamlined features that make it easier for distributors to track their success,” said Bob DeFord, ASI’s senior vice president of distributor sales and marketing. “Satisfied users tell us the new ESP Orders dashboard contains a ton of useful data they can access in a flash to better manage, organize and improve their business.”  MORE INFO