American Embroidery Supply Offers Trouble-Free Magnetic Bobbins

Improve your shop’s quality and increase production using new Magna-Glide magnetic bobbins, #P-15-lL offered by American Embroidery Supply of Columbus, GA. The bobbin’s magnetic core, combined with advanced EB cross-link technology, optimizes thread delivery to create consistent tension from beginning to end of each bobbin. It eliminates the need to re-set tensions as your bobbin thread runs out, and the magnetic core also prevents backlash or overspin eliminating the need for anti-backlash springs . In fact, anti-backlash springs should be removed before using Magna-Glide bobbins.

The advanced EB cross-link technology also reduces lint and residual buildup in the bobbin case and tension spring resulting in long-time, trouble-free usage. You get more stitches per bobbin, which increases productivity. They also have a lower cost per yard based on usable yards per bobbin.

Only the finest-quality, high-tenacity polyester yarns are used. Bobbins are L style and contain 135 yards of thread. They come in white and black. There are 100 bobbins per box.

All American Embroidery Supply offers a full line of stabilizers, thread, needles, scissors, snips, and more.  MORE INFO