GSG Offers BBC Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer

The BBC Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer, available from GSG, is engineered to meet whatever curing challenges come your way. From plastisol to pretreat and waterbase,

its unique design featuring BBC’s proprietary heating elements offers the cure for diverse printing needs.

Banks of angled heating panels along the edge of the PTFE-coated belt minimize edge loss and partner with BBC’s exclusive watt-density algorithm to provide even edge-to-edge cure.

Built-in digital heat (two zones) and speed control allow for optimal curing and throughput.

The Aeolus has an overall length of 144 inches and a 6-foot-long oven chamber. It is offered with a 36-inch or 54-inch-wide TruTrak belt. Conveyor extensions are available in 24-inch sections. GSG is a consumable and equipment wholesale distributor for the apparel decorating, digital printing, electrical sign, and commercial sign markets.