Cotswold Offers 1.5-Ounce Tearaway

Cotswold of New York, NY, offers 1.5-ounce tearaway, which is ideal for stable woven fabrics such as towels, denim, nylon and cotton twill sewn with light to medium stitch counts. It also can be used as part of a stabilizer “sandwich” to lend added support.The premium-grade firm tearaway is made using the wet-laid process that ensures it is multidirectionally stable for the ultimate in embroidery support.

It is made of synthetic and cellulose fibers treated with a chemical binder. A needle lubricant also is added to ensure smooth sewing at all times. Premium-grade tearaway can be washed or dry-cleaned and remnants remove cleanly when torn away.

It comes in a 15-inch width in 25- and 50-yard lengths. A 23-inch width comes in 125 yards; and a 46-inch length comes in 125 yards and 250 yards.  MORE INFO